Past History/Results

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Past History/Results


May 30, 2014, Friday at 7:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies vs. NY Mets (W 6-5)
Tickets Sold:  500
Weather:  High 75 & Low 55 – Warm and Sunny
First Pitch: Jules Paoletti
Note(s):  Fundraising & Social event6th “Night at the Phillies”

Masterman School Foundation was designated by Phillies Charities, Inc. as one of the 50/50 drawing winners! 

The Phillies' Dan Baker read the following to honor Ms. Neff pre-game during first pitch, The John H. Smyth Scholarship Fund also wishes Marjorie Neff, Principal of Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School, well in her retirement.

This Friday night game went 14 innings and featured "Comcast Be a Phanatic about Reading Night" including a Phanatic Childrens's Book for children 14 and under.


May 2, 2013, Thursday at 7:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins (W 7-2)
Tickets Sold:  670
Weather:  High 73 & Low 47 – Warm and Sunny 
First Pitch: Stephen Shutt
Note(s):  Fundraising & Social event5th “Night at the Phillies”


May 9, 2012, Wednesday at 7:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets (L 10-6)
Tickets Sold: 728
Weather:  High 75 & Low 63 with very light late rain
First Pitch:  Christine Bressi
Note(s):  Fundraising & Social event4th “Night at the Phillies”


May 5, 2011, Thursday at 7:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Washington Nationals  (W 7-3)
Tickets Sold: 768
Weather:  High 66 & Low 51 with no rain
First Pitch:  Mitchell Bach
Note(s): Fundraising & Social event3rd “Night at the Phillies”


September, 6, 2010, Monday at 1:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Florida Marlins (L 7-1)
Tickets Sold: 580
Weather:  High 83 & Low 68 with no rain and sun
First Pitch:  Michael Cohen
Note(s):  Fundraising & Social Event2nd “Night at the Phillies”

Masterman teacher Amy Cohen arranges a birthday party for her husband, by purchasing 100 tickets, to have family & friends watch Michael Cohen throw in the First Pitch!

Game scheduled for Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7:05 pm postponed due to inclement weather (rescheduled Sept. 6, 2010)
Weather:  High 70 & Low 60 with .51 inches of rain


May 26, 2009, Tuesday at 7:05 pm

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Florida Marlins (W 5-3)
Tickets Sold: 502
Weather:  High 59 & Low 51 with 0.04 inches of light rain and cool
First Pitch: Julian Smyth
Note(s):  Fundraising & Social event1st “Night at the Phillies”



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